Elect Ladies Department

The Apostle John used the term “elect lady” to signify a prominent and special Christian lady known throughout her community by a spirit of excellence. That describes the mission of our department.  The elder unto the elect lady and her children, whom I love in the truth; and not I only, but also all they that have known the truth _ 2 John 1:1

What We Do

Elect Ladies Services

First Friday of every month 6:30 Prayer, 7:30 Service

The Elect Ladies Services minister to the broad spectrum of needs of all women, and encourage personal and spiritual growth. We promote unity and sisterhood through love and compassion. We offer an in-depth study of holy women in the Bible who provide good examples and instruction for women in all categories of life.


Elect Ladies Get-togethers

Within this department there is something for females of all ages from raising adorable little girls to embracing the wisdom and experience of more seasoned women. We offer various avenues to inspire and enlighten each woman with God’s Word, and cultivate their various roles in the home, in the church, on their job, and in the community.

Our fellowships and activities are fun and colorful with events such as tea parties, banquets, cooking and art studio sessions… all kinds of creative ideas that bring us together for laughter and discussions on managing life as a woman in today’s society.

Step Into My Closet Event coming in October 2022 (We are asking each lady to bring any gently used items from your Closet that you haven’t worn/used in years! Something old to you will be something new to someone else! Purses, Perfumes, Scarfs, Lotions, Shoes, Clothes)

Elect Ladies Conferences

It is God’s desire for every woman to be all that He created her to be, and our Elect Ladies Conferences bring women together to highlight and strengthen every value, worth, and significance that the women of today have in a male dominated culture. Our International Elect Ladies Conference brings women together from all over the world with powerful praise, seminars, and messages of deliverance.

EL conference